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  • Decreasing Workplace Stress to Improve Employee Satisfaction

Workplace stress might seem like a normal part of employment, but the truth is that high levels of stress might be contributing to employee satisfaction levels. When employees are always feeling the burden of stress, they are often less satisfied with their employment. In fact, these high levels of stress can at times contribute to high turnover rates.

If you want to improve employee satisfaction, then you should consider implementing these tips to decrease workplace stress:

Manage Stress Related to Commuting

Whether your employees have a long way to drive or they are fighting heavy amounts of traffic, look for solutions to help them lower the stress levels they experience when traveling to and from work. Solutions may vary depending on the situation, and the best way to find a good answer is by having an open conversation with the employee.

For example, you might be able to adjust the employees schedule an hour earlier or later to minimize the amount of traffic they will encounter on their way to work. Or, there are some situations where the employee might be able to work at home on certain days, to reduce the number of days they need to travel to the office.

Reduce the Stress of Clutter

The office environment will have a direct impact on stress levels throughout the day. If employees are constantly sorting through high stacks of paper and other messes to find what they need, then it is likely that they are frustrated with the situation.

Look for ways to decrease physical and digital clutter. For example, manage the number of emails that are sent each day to reduce the noise and distractions that are coming through the inbox. Organize the office by getting rid of unneeded supplies and paperwork, and setting up systems to keep everything in order.

Change Up the Pace

Routines are good to a point, but too much monotony can cause some employees to get stressed. Try adding in surprises here and there, and find ways to break up the day. Small breaks are important to give people a chance to relax and unwind, helping them to be more focused and refreshed when they get back to their desk.

To break up the monotony, consider bringing in treats or coffee sometimes. You can also host office parties or have fun activities for people to socialize and interact with other people in the company.

Manage Expectations

It is important that you have a good system in place to measure employee progress and manage performance expectations. When the employee is informed and their performance is monitored, then it decreases the stress they will experience in the workplace.

At AgileHR, we are dedicated to helping you develop a high quality system to improve employee performance and reduce turnover. Contact us today for more information about the software solutions that can support these goals.