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  • How Does Company Culture Motivate Your Employees?


There is no doubt that happy employees are an integral part of a successful business. Most managers and business owners will agree with the fact that they need to boost company culture to improve performance. But, company culture is often a big mystery when it is time to implement changes in the organization.


Providing Meaningful Tasks for Employees

When employees feel like their duties are meaningful to a greater effort, then their performance will increase. For example, a study completed in 2013 found that workers were more methodical about their task when the work had a purpose. A group of 2,500 people were given objects to study, and they were paid piece-rate for each image that was analyzed.

Behaviors were measured based on the instructions that were provided. In the first group, the workers were told that the work would be discarded. In the second group, they were told that they were looking at “cancerous tumor cells.”

The latter group spent extra time on each image, decreasing their overall pay by an average 10%. So, performance was improved when the workers had a stronger motive or reason to perform the work.


Company Culture Elements that Boost Performance

If you are ready to transform the culture of your company, then you need to understand other elements that play a role in this effort. Here are a few things that need to be integrated into your workplace:

  • • Enjoyment: Do employees show up to work and feel excitement about the day? Many people learn and thrive in a playful environment. As adults, play could include activities such as experimentation, curiosity, and exploring new problems. If possible, reduce monotony and spice up the daily routine to boost creativity.


  • • Potential: When employees can see the potential of their work, then they will have more motivation to stick to the task. For example, help the employee see how the new skillset will move them along the corporate ladder to a better position in the future.


  • • Reinforcement: People work to either avoid a punishment or gain a reward. Try implementing a positive reinforcement system for wanted behaviors, rather than focusing on punishment for unwanted behaviors.


  • • Teamwork: Look for ways to encourage employees to work together. A teamwork environment helps to boost personal responsibility and increase overall performance.

If you want to boost company culture, then you need to make sure that the right messages are shared from the moment someone walks through the door for an interview. A good hiring and onboarding program can ensure that you set the tone for future success. Contact our team at AgileHR to learn more about the ways our software will support your system to improve overall company culture.