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Ban the Box

In 1998, the state of Hawaii began what would become a civil rights campaign that is now known as Ban the Box. The campaign fights for those with criminal records or histories to gain fair employment as part of their return to the job market. Many people who were previously incarcerated for a crime are […]

Don’t Gift This!

Companies want to recognize their employees for a job well done. That’s why they have these recognition programs to increase employee engagement to facilitate future goals of the company. However, what if your employees just aren’t interested in what you have to give them? They think that these awards are impersonal and insincere. The awards […]

Twitter Handles for Job Seekers

  Social media is everywhere, people are using it on their phones, tablets, and laptops every day. The joke about Twitter being the place to tell everyone what kind of muffin you had that morning is beginning to die down and the reality of using Twitter for more business-like ventures is here. Discover how connecting […]

How to Be a Better Manager

In today’s world, it is crucial to be an effective manager for your company to be successful. The number one reason why people quit their job is because of their boss. In addition, 20 percent of people feel that their bosses negatively impact their career. It is important that you have a positive relationship with […]

Six Second Persuasion: The Art of the Resumé

Searching for a new job can be an intimidating process, especially when striving for a competitive position. Think of your resumé as a billboard on the side of the freeway, your employer drives past hundreds of billboards a day, however, its your job to catch their eye and land an interview. For competitive positions, generally, […]

How to Make Work Matter & Not Hate Your Job

Chances are, you are probably feeling unsatisfied in your job or are just getting tired of it. Currently, job satisfaction in the country is at about 47 percent, which is almost the lowest that it’s ever been. During these times, you are considered lucky if you have a job, and you don’t always have the […]

The Boss and Social Media

There was a time not too long ago when you had to actually call a person to see how they’re doing. If you wanted to know one’s political views, you had to personally engage them in what most likely turned into a heated debate. If you came across any selfies, it was most likely while […]

7 Great Habits for a Successful HR Manager

What are the most important aspects to being a Human Resources Manager? Is it the bubbly personality? Your ability to conquer each and every task you’ve been given? We think that the following 7 items are a great set of habits for any HR Manager.     1. Thank Your Critics   Oftentimes your critics […]

5 Keys to Great Coaching

No matter what your job may be, all leaders need to coach. It doesn’t matter if you are a higher level or lower level manager–performance reviews once a year for your staff is not enough. The more frequently you can coach and be involved in their work, the better the results will be. Here are […]

Managing Employee Performance with Multiple Appraisers

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