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What are the Most Outrageous Answers to Your Interview Questions?

Interviewing is a tedious and necessary part of the hiring process, giving you the opportunity to evaluate potential candidates and choose the best match for the job opening. Recruiters design these questions to learn more about the applicants and identify if the person is a good fit for the company. Even if you are careful […]

Passion Over Pay: Is it All About the Money?

Ask yourself an important question: what is the best way to motivate your employees to improve productivity? Many employers assume that their team is driven by the size of their paychecks. But, research studies have found that passion is a bigger influence than money. If a person doesn’t enjoy their work, then they won’t put […]

5 Reasons You are Losing Great Employees

It is a frustrating situation to see good employees leaving your company, especially when you feel like you are unable to fill the positions quickly enough to keep up with work flow. Have you been losing good employees, and you can’t identify a reason for the turnover? Here are five common reasons why you might […]

Breaking Down Employee Retention Myths

Most business owners and managers know that employee retention is a critical factor for the long-term success of the company. But, despite their best intentions, many companies are handling it all wrong. Here are a few common myths and mistakes that are happening with employee retention efforts: Myth: High Pay = Better Retention Fact: Money […]