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PTO Trends: Do Sick Days Matter?

For many years, it has been normal for business owners to offer employees one or two weeks of Paid Time Off as a standard practice. But, the nuances of a PTO program can vary widely from one company to the next. Some employers offer paid vacation leave in addition to paid sick leave, while other […]

How Onboarding New Employees Ties Directly to Performance Management

The onboarding process can set the tone as the employee starts working with your company, which is why a quality onboarding system should be in place to make it an easy transition into the company. Many business owners and managers understand that the onboarding process is important to help the employee get started with their […]

The Negative Impact of Rehiring Past Employees

At one point or another, most companies will face the dilemma of whether they should rehire a past employee. At first, the idea of rehiring a past employee may seem like a good idea, because that person is already familiar with the company and the way things are handled in the office. But, there are […]