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Onboard Your New Hires for Retention

Agile Product Solutions’ Onboarding application is simple to install and easy to use for all parties involved.  Onboard your newly acquired talent to prepare him or her for success and retention.  All new hires will decide if they made the right choice during those first few days on the new job.  Make a difference, allow […]

ATS Frustrations

Retaining, developing tops the list of challenges to an HR function According to Bloomberg and a whole bunch of human resources professionals, the top challenges facing the HR department in 2013 includes retaining top talent, developing the next generation and finding truly skilled workers. That’s a bit of a shift from a few years ago […]

Customer Service and the Pitfalls of Extra Duties

I love customer service. To me customer service is more fun than sales and just as important. Customer service can make or break any company. Customer service is the backbone of all companies from products to services. So many times customer support is overlooked in ways to improve a company’s current processes or functions. Customer […]

Old applicant tracking systems left talent behind

According to job search provider Preptel, outdated and poor-functioning applicant tracking systems can reduce the chances of candidates landing an interview by 75 percent. That’s a daunting thought for the job seekers of the world and a huge of loss of talent for companies looking to bring in the best. Agile|ATS software will bring these […]

So Why Does Onboarding Matter Anyway?

Onboarding your employees the right way will drastically improve performance, speeds integration and increases readiness of literally every person who lands a new position with your company. It’s the foundation for a successful relationship and long-lasting employer-employee relationship. We’ve all been there before, you land the new job and immediately spend the first two weeks […]

Shopping for a Can Opener

We all live in an imperfect world and the other day my can opener bombed-out on me. No big deal, we’ll just head out to “the store” and get a new one. But a funny thing happened to me as we were shopping for our new can-opening device. First, I found that can openers have […]

The Real Cost of Turnover

The estimates vary wildly, but all human resources experts agree that employee turnover is expensive. As the economy continues to slowly grind in the right direction, more employees may feel better about jumping ship and finding employment elsewhere. This will cost your company big money if you don’t take action. Take a quick look at […]

Reasons Why You Need an Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS 101)

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) continue to evolve into a tool every business can use to find the best candidates, increase job market intelligence, save time, communicate and bring employees onboard in the most effective way. Agile|ATS can bring these benefits fast. 1.       ATS Intelligence Maybe “applicant tracking system” doesn’t do it justice. The concept of […]

Identifying Top Performers in a Job Search

Identifying and targeting top performers during the sourcing process is the key to any successful employee recruiting efforts. Every hiring manager and supervisor would love to have a rock start sitting at every position in the company, but that is very hard to attain. Unless you are Apple or Google or another company that consistently […]

Most Important Piece of your Onboarding Program

We have all read the articles and know that making new employees feel comfortable at work is critical to building a strong foundation for successful employment. A fairly common question here at Agile, is What area(s) of the onboarding process is the most critical to a successful employee onboard? Is it gathering required documentation before […]