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  • Job Seekers- take a deep breath before you reply

For a few years now, I have been responsible for structuring an applicant experience for the candidates of our clients that is easy to use and helps them find jobs. And, we have been pretty successful having helped thousands of job seekers find employment over the last four years.  For the most part, the process is relatively smooth with employers and future employees communicating professionally during the application/interview process. However, there are some instances where candidates truly get upset when they aren’t selected to move further along in the hiring process. Trust me– I understand the stress that comes when you’re job-hunting.  What I don’t understand is the response that our clients receive on a regular basis from the candidates. Some are very funny. Some are so far out of line and all they do is reinforce that they made the right choice.

The top 5 candidate responses to not receiving a job offers (as well as our totally illuminating commentary). Note – these were all sent to a NoReply@ e-mail address with an unmonitored inbox. Are you really surprised?

#5. – “Well thanks, and you can just throw may app away since I won’t consider you any further either! Have a great day and best of luck in finding that RIGHT candidate.” – (We aren’t sure who ‘May’ is since that isn’t your name, so we can’t throw away their application. However, we do appreciate you wishing us luck in finding the RIGHT candidate. Also, does the caps on RIGHT indicate sarcasm in the fact that you feel we are looking for the wrong candidate?)

#4. – “Fudge You” – (Only they didn’t say fudge… Also notice the length of the response. If your response had been a little longer we might have been able to evaluate the sentence structure and grammatical strength, perhaps moving you along in the process.)

#3. – “Um… instead how about you go and (inappropriate word) yourself and don’t keep my application on file at all. Hope you are out of a job real soon :)” – (We are confused.  The smiley emoji at the end does indicate that you wish us the best even though the tone in the rest of the response shows otherwise.)

#2 – “Your f***ing retatdef” – (This sir, or madam, is offensive. We think. We weren’t sure what a ‘retatdef’ is, but we are almost certain that it isn’t kind. Using potentially kind words, such as ‘Your f***ing good at your job’ or ‘Your f***ing great at evaluating candidates’ would have almost certainly been a better way to go.)

#1 – “Wow. Without a doubt the fastest rejection I’ve had since prom night.  No dialogue?  No interest?  Ok.  Sorry of I wasted your time. Good luck with your search.” – (This has remained in the top spot for over 2 years now. While we aren’t quite sure what happened on your prom night– most of us just went to the after Prom party. Your prom night seems to have gone badly, for whatever reason. In any event, it seems to have stuck with you for a while now for which we are sorry. Side note: I almost want to hire this candidate because of the creativity.)

The truth is, in a perfect world, we would hope that all of our candidates would deal with rejection the way that most of us do.

We would respond with a quick:

“Thanks for your time and consideration during this process. Please keep me in mind if you have any future openings.”

Then we would go into our parent’s basement and hammer out a few hours on Call of Duty before demanding that our Mom makes us some meatloaf. Or, you could simply stuff that little template that I just wrote for you into a reply e-mail and move on to the next open position. Just make sure you know who you are sending it to as NoReply or unmonitored inbox certainly does mean what it says.