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  • Buyer Beware! That HRIS doesn’t really Track Applicants

“We’re all in this together” is a quote we here often and that quote holds true about the workplace. No matter what industry you’re in, we’re all here to make a living for our family and most of us are seriously trying to make a difference in the workplace.

What really Grinds my Gears is the unfair practice some of these HRIS and/or Payroll systems companies promising Human Resources Professionals the Moon and then under delivering. Most of these systems are competent in managing ee’s, distributing payroll & benefits, providing training etc. Not applicant tracking. These practices are misleading and many clients I have talked to would not have made the decision to purchase had they been offered a chance to use the product first.

Applicant tracking these days is more than just providing a database of candidates. Now social media integration, along with analytics to track your sources, is key to helping companies extend their reach and find out which venues are producing the best results. Technology in a true ATS should also help find out which candidates truly know the job advertised. Today’s Recruiter can now offer either personality profiles and/or other assessment tools to decipher which applicant will best fit the company culture as well as have the skill set to out-perform other candidates. This will provide the HR Professional or Recruiter information about each candidate and help them decide who will be the best fit. Of course standard interviewing skills still apply.

Buyers beware! If you are currently looking for a new HRIS or Payroll system, look first at some reputable applicant tracking systems to know what is offered and available today. After viewing a few ATS’s, then look at your HRIS or Payroll vendor and ask to see the ATS “module” they offer. You’ll be surprised by most and quickly learn that you will probably want a true Applicant Tracking System in conjunction with the Payroll or HRIS application. This will not only save you money in the long run but will also save you time. Most importantly this step will help you decide which ATS will truly help you attract and hire the best talent for your company.