When you have a stellar team, you probably want to hold on to your talented employees for as long as possible. Here are few tips on how to retain your top-performing employees.
  • Best Interview Questions EVERYONE Should Ask

As a recruiter, you only have a short time to talk to the candidates and understand more about their skills and attributes. This interview time is valuable so that you can sort through the options to identify the best match for your company. So, it is essential that you are selective about your interview questions, to be sure that you can uncover the information that is needed to shed light on each candidate.

Put together your list of interview questions, then go through the list to assess the effectiveness of each question. These are some of the options that you should include in the interview:


    • 1. How can you make a contribution to our company? Ask this question at the end of the interview when the candidate understands more about the role and the business. This question is a way to sort people so that you can see who is interested in the opportunity enough to do their homework. A generic response will show that the candidate might not be there for the right reasons.
    • 2. If I called your last supervisor, what would they tell me about the area of your work that needs the most improvement? This question will ensure that you get an honest answer from the candidate. Since the previous supervisor’s information is often listed on the resume or reference page, it is possible that you might actually have that conversation. So, people will be motivated to share truthful information, so there aren’t conflicting answers with the previous supervisor.
    • 3. What motivates you in the workplace? Look for insight into the underlying drive so that you can determine if the candidate will be punching the clock or engaged with the team. If the person is only there for the paycheck, then you could potentially face issues with productivity. But, people who are truly passionate about their work will be looking for ways to improve their performance and add value to the organization.
    • 4. Where do you want to be in five years? Understanding the long-term goals of the candidate will help you determine if this position is in line with the career path that needs to be followed. Watch body language and the way the person responds to the question. If their eyes light up and they are optimistic about the future, then you may be able to infer that they are an ambitious person with interest in good performance.

It is important that you streamline the hiring process so that you have the same interview questions for each candidate. The best way to maintain compliance and optimize the hiring process is with a good software system. Talk to our team at AgileHR to learn more about how our software can be beneficial for your company.