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  • Bad Candidate Experience Can Waste Good Recruiting Efforts

With the amount of time and effort most of us put into recruiting the best candidates make sure your efforts aren’t wasted due to a poor candidate experience.  Job advertisements or performance profiles take time to write to attract talent while describing the true essentials of the job.  After that task is complete you now need to place your requisition correctly to be viewed by the candidates you desire to attract.  The payoff should be easy after all this thought and work you have put into your new job opening. Unfortunately, some candidates click “Apply Now” only to be aggravated or disappointed due to a poor candidate experience.

One disappointment is seeing a PDF or Word document open.  Trying to type in the blanks, or worse yet, printing off an application and filling it out is outdated and so time consuming that most talented individuals will close out the new window and move on to the next job. Most millennial and Gen Y candidates don’t even bother with a printer anymore with the tablet and mobile devices that are used in place of the home PC.

Another disappointment to candidates is clicking on your “Apply” button only to find a multi-page application process that times out halfway through.  Multi-page applications are as old as beepers and most talented candidates simply don’t have the patience to even start one of these dinosaurs, let alone finish it.  BUT… the candidates that actually do try to fill out that several page process get even more frustrated once this “talent machine” times out on them.  Now you’re driving talent away!  What could be worse?

One more example of turning talent away is the multi-step sign up process.  Too many applicants find a small book of directions listed on “how to apply”.  Candidates must change browser options, have a specific email account or are instructed to “not use the forward or backward buttons”.  Difficult or cumbersome sign up directions will also drive candidates back to the job board to keep searching for a forward thinking company with a like-minded ATS.

In the never ending search for talent, please make sure your online application provides a great candidate experience to help you actually recruit talent.  A simple sign-up process coupled with a short, easy application process and information providing candidate portal will help your organization put the best foot (ATS)  forward.  Hope this helps your efforts in recruiting the Best!

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