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Identifying Top Performers in a Job Search

Identifying and targeting top performers during the sourcing process is the key to any successful employee recruiting efforts. Every hiring manager and supervisor would love to have a rock start sitting at every position in the company, but that is very hard to attain. Unless you are Apple or Google or another company that consistently […]

Most Important Piece of your Onboarding Program

We have all read the articles and know that making new employees feel comfortable at work is critical to building a strong foundation for successful employment. A fairly common question here at Agile, is What area(s) of the onboarding process is the most critical to a successful employee onboard? Is it gathering required documentation before […]

Start 2013 on the Right Foot by Injecting Talent into Your Company

  If your organization needs to hire new employees this year make sure you have the tools in place to attract and hire the best talent and fit for your company.  The same ole methods are only going to get you the same ole results with the same ole job seekers providing you with the […]

Why implementing Agile Applicant Tracking System is “Mission Critical” in 2013

Save Money! Everyone promotes their product with the old slogan “Save Time & Money,” but Agile ATS saves both IMMEDIATELY.  Agile ATS social media integration allows you the opportunity to post requisitions for FREE!  Todays recruiters are recruiting from Social Media sites and Craigslist with excellent results. Why pay to post in papers, radio commercials […]

Why Talent Leaves

We have all known for years that turnover is costly.  We also know that losing your more talented individuals, especially to the competition, can be a big blow to your workforce and how tough it is to replace those individuals.  So why do so many companies still let this happen? Talented individuals for the most […]

Creating and Defining Clear Job Expectations

A lack of clear job expectation is one of the biggest cause of employee turnover and poor performance in today’s workplace. How many times have you hired a new employee and then 3 months into employment you hear …”It’s not in my job description to (enter task)”.  Next thing you know, you are spending company […]

4 Simple Steps to Performance Reviews

It’s that time of year again! Festival foods, cold weather apparel and good ole performance reviews are coming up.  Supervisors would rather eat a pound of fruit cake and chase it with eggnog instead of starting and completing individual reviews but here are 4 useful, easy tips to pass along to help managers complete their […]

Bad Candidate Experience Can Waste Good Recruiting Efforts

With the amount of time and effort most of us put into recruiting the best candidates make sure your efforts aren’t wasted due to a poor candidate experience.  Job advertisements or performance profiles take time to write to attract talent while describing the true essentials of the job.  After that task is complete you now […]

Avoiding Turnover and Retaining Top Talent

We hear the word Talent a lot these days, mostly describing that individual that will impact an organization so much during her career that positive results are seen immediately, projects are completed and Human Resource Managers are rewarded for finding such a hidden gem of an employee.  This individual we are referring to is the […]

How Strategic Are You?

Take a look around your HR department.  How different are operations compared to as recently as 2007?  Unless your company literally resides under a rock, chances are the landscape has changed in more ways than one.  The 2008 recession, the skill gaps left by retiring Baby Boomers and increasing globalization have all contributed to the […]