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2014 Hiring Trends: How to Use Current Trends to Evaluate Candidates

It can be easy to get “stuck in a rut” with the hiring process, and if you want to hire qualified employees for your company, then it is necessary to be familiar with the hiring trends in 2014. Too often, hiring managers get stuck in their ways, which can be detrimental because there are many […]

Employee Retention: Be Proactive to Retain Talented Employees

Do you understand the impact that turnover has on your company, in terms of lost business and productivity? Hiring talented employees is just the first step to maintaining a quality staff, and many companies don’t understand the negative impacts that employee turnover can have on the bottom line. Too often, businesses fall into the trap […]

Use Knockout Questions with Caution

I recently ran into this question while creating a custom job application for one of our clients. “Are you now or have you ever been a member of any organization, association, movement, group or combination of persons which advocates the overthrow of our constitutional form of government, or which has adopted the policy of advocating […]

Your New Hire is Ready to Quit!

What?! You just hired her and she is ready to leave already. Why? Answer: she is aggravated and feels out of place. You put in a lot of time and effort to write and post your performance profile with the best intentions. You interviewed several qualified candidates and then conducted the second interview for the […]

The Resume Should Never be a Barrier

While visiting with a colleague the other day the word resume came up and soon a discussion followed about the merits of the resume. How important is the resume really? I mean, we all know a person can have a dandy of a resume but then show up only to disappoint you and the hiring […]

Agile Product Solutions is Thankful for…

With Thanksgiving a day or two away I would like to take time and reflect on this past year and provide some insight to what we are thankful for here at Agile Product Solutions. First and foremost we’re thankful for our clients. Without our clients we would not be in business, which is obvious. More […]

Social Media is Great But…

We hear all the time how great social media recruiting is and can be and most of those claims are true. Social media is here to stay. Forever. If you haven’t established your presence on all social media outlets then you’re behind and should start moving in that direction now. But the good news is […]

I Wish I Had 3 Just Like Her!

Have you ever said to yourself, “I’d like to have 3 more ee’s just like her,” when referring to a Star Employee? You know, that self-motivated, goal-hitting, work accomplishing employee that just seems to “get it” and contribute far more to the company by just being who they are? Everyone would. We’ve all said or […]

Buyer Beware! That HRIS doesn’t really Track Applicants

“We’re all in this together” is a quote we here often and that quote holds true about the workplace. No matter what industry you’re in, we’re all here to make a living for our family and most of us are seriously trying to make a difference in the workplace. What really Grinds my Gears is […]

Engage Your Talent or Another Employer Will

I was reading a new study stating compensation is not the main deciding factor in choosing employment for most of us these days. Although not breaking news, this topic is becoming more important to us now as we’re realizing and watching talented individuals change jobs like they’re changing socks. And I’m not just talking about […]