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Retaining, developing tops the list of challenges to an HR function
According to Bloomberg and a whole bunch of human resources professionals, the top challenges facing the HR department in 2013 includes retaining top talent, developing the next generation and finding truly skilled workers. That’s a bit of a shift from a few years ago when everyone was simply dealing with the glut of job seekers.

More items on the “HR Concern” list are keeping pace with technological changes, using social media to recruit, as well as dealing with government agencies/regulations.

Get ready for the silly part
Human resources professionals combating these challenges are using outdated, under performing applicant tracking systems (ATS) that can’t meet the demands and may actually be driving top talent away. With the economy slowly turning toward the positive and many baby boomer 401(k)’s bouncing back, experienced, knowledgeable employees are moving ever closer to retirement.

Remember those issues we mentioned above like retaining top talent and developing the next generation? Those needs are inching closer to reality every single day and the very system designed to help with these concerns is actually making it more difficult. Even worse, If you attract a great employee, chances are the onboarding process isn’t even a part of the ATS.

ATS frustrations
If you are a recent job seeker, you can relate to the frustrations all too well. Attempting to land the job involves wading through long, gray forms with no instruction and it’s difficult to know if your information is even reaching the intended destination. The expensive system itself is eliminating qualified candidates and hurting companies with a lack of skilled labor.

A June 2012 Careerbuilder survey shows that nearly one-third of employers surveyed have openings they can’t fill because of a lack of qualified candidates. This could be the result of highly technical positions that are inherently difficult to fill, or it could be that the system itself is not flexible enough to recognize the various ways a candidate could qualify.

A flexible approach to ATS
If the only thing your ATS does is “track applicants,” it may be time to look elsewhere. Advancements in ATS now allow companies to not only track talent, but it can connect the entire organization to the onboarding process with integrated background checks, forms that need to be completed once the hire is made, office setup procedures, repositories of talent information and much more.

From the applicant point of view, improved user interfaces are making it easier to understand the job applications themselves, and they feel more confident about leaving the application and returning to complete the form at a later time. Now you’re reassuring candidates and making the new-hire transition much smoother.

Agile|ATS takes the lead
Agile|ATS solutions are built with the user in mind, not the database. Our customers regularly let us know that our software offers all the latest, most important features without the hefty price tag. And we do this with a pleasant, easy-to-view screen and layout. Request a demo and see what we’re talking about.

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