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To find great candidates you have to think like great candidates.

Applicant tracking by Agile HR

To find great candidates you have to think like great candidates.

You post a job opening, and then what? Wait and hope “the one” not only finds it, but understands how great the job and your organization will be?

Stop hoping and start seeing results with Agile’s unique performance-based approach to hiring. Top performers don’t just want a job, they want a match! Our profiles help you outline clear expectations, define results, match applicants to your company’s culture, and compare candidates to current top performing benchmark employees. Plus our applicant tracking systems perform all the standard duties you’d want in an online employee onboarding program.

Ditch the Paper for Fully Automated Applicant Tracking Software in the Cloud.

Getting lost in stacks of resumes, tracking emails and filing applications is now a thing of the past. Get rid of those old processes that require paper shuffling and file folders. Agile’s SaaS ATS system gives you everything you need including:

  • – Online job requisition
  • – Candidate management
  • – Custom career portal
  • – Job listing tools that integrates nicely into your company’s website
  • – Links to every major job board including Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Monster, etc
  • – Analytics and reporting tools
  • – Job descriptions
  • – EEO-1/OFCCP, tracking and reporting

It gets better!  Our applicant tracking system is accessible from your favorite tablet or phone and we integrate with your other HR systems.

Yes. We have thought of everything.

Just for You! Build Your Own System with Easy-to-Use Features:

When screening interviewing applicants, you try to fill a position as accurately and efficiently as possible. However, you won’t find the right applicants with canned, rigid ATS software. We know this and have created a flexible, fluid system with the all the tools you need. Every company has their own way of doing things, so we made an applicant tracking system flexible enough to fit everyone.

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