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AgileHR Reviews

Chris M., Serino Coyne, LLC.

AgileHR has SAVED us from a mountain of manual on-boarding processes and work; we absolutely LOVE this system. We outgrew our former ATS, which we’ve had for over 6 years because it was incapable of making some minor enhancements that would help us (HR), work much more efficiently and after repeated requests for this upgrade falling on “deaf” ears, we decided to research other ATS systems and thankfully, we found AgileHR……we have not looked back since.”

From the communications and conversations with our sales rep. Melanie Webster to their implementation team, they have been TRUELY service oriented; it is an absolute pleasure working with them on our implementation, maintenance and customization for our needs….I cannot recommend this company and this system more….we are very pleased with our decision to partner with Agile, and am convinced you will be as well!

Valerie A., Children's Aid Society of Alabama

My experience with AgileHR has been overwhelmingly the best! Everything from the start of our journey with getting things setup to following up just to check in has been the best. I have never worked with staff that have made me feel so secure in knowing that they are just an email or phone call away. There are not enough stars to give them. I would recommend them if you want the best for your company.

Mike V., Corefirst Bank & Trust

Great service … product …. support … design … could go on and on. The support team have developed a good / cost effective applicant tracking system.

Alexis A., Allegis Transcription

AgileHR provides an excellent solution for our needs. Instead of overpaying for a bunch of fixed functionality we will never use, AgileHR has continually worked with us to develop the perfect solution for our unique industry and business model. AgileHR has aptly named their company, they are flexible, responsive and incessantly working to evolve and expand their platform.

Sarah H., Midway Wholesale

After reviewing about a dozen ATS products, we landed with AgileHR. You simply won’t find a better ATS for the price. If you’re frustrating with the customer service you’ve been receiving with your current ATS product, wish you had better reporting, or wanted a more updated look for your applicants, do yourself a favor and give AgileHR a call!

Jared L., Smith Veterinary Hospital

I cannot tell you how great I feel about giving people the awesome 18-page report with ACTUAL useful feedback and ACTUAL scores. The employees are grateful and impressed, and I really think these are the first performance assessments I’ve been proud of since I worked here.

Gus A., Keswick Multi-Care Center

Agile Product Solutions has provided Keswick with an ATS system that grows with our needs. The team at Agile listens to our concerns and identifies solutions for Keswick’s issues that will be incorporated into future platform updates. Ongoing education or as needed training is provided based on our schedule. Agile’ s customer service is top-notch. We look forward to continuing our partnership with AgileHR.

Laura P., Emprise Bank

Eric and his team at AgileHR have provided us with an excellent product for our ATS needs. AgileHR quickly gives us the information we need on requisitions and candidates, and has proven to be extremely intuitive and easy to use. Our team appreciates the exceptional technical support they provide, as well as the willingness to make adjustments for our specific needs. We are extremely happy we made the switch to AgileHR and look forward to a long partnership with the company.

Eric M., Nazdar

AgileHR has the best customer service I have seen in an ATS company. Always available at with a phone call and email, and very responsive to company specific requests. If you are looking for an affordable and flexible solution, this is it!

Brenda E., Natco Credit Union

AgileHR is easy to learn and easy to use. They are building new functions into the product everyday. They listen to their customers and if you need a report, a template or a tweak, they can have it to you with no hassle within days. AgileHR doesn’t charge for these updates like some of the other companies. They are very responsive to the needs of their customers and have outstanding customer service!