About AgileHR - Human Resource Software Solutions
About Us

Bringing high performing people and employers together.

Agile helps organizations recruit, onboard, and manage top talent without the stress and expense of clunky enterprise level systems. We are an industry leading, online Talent Management company. In business since 2010, our priority and focus has been on creating systems that make employers and employees better at what they do. Our applications feature intuitive screens, solid business logic, strong auditing capabilities and is supported by great customer service.

What we live by.

  • We know our stuff. HR Experts with decades of Talent Management experience.
  • Commitment to quality. We only succeed when we make you better.
  • Everything in the cloud. Cutting edge technology that takes the hassle out of implementation.
  • Customer Service that will knock your socks off. We boast an industry leading retention rate. Ask us about it; it's pretty impressive!

Don't settle for a standard Talent Management system with rigid feature sets. Let Agile help you find, hire, and manage high-performing employees that will fill business needs. Schedule your personal product demo today!

Our Leaders

Eric Carlson

President and CEO

AgileHR Systems is awesome and its Eric's fault. The founder of the company, he is responsible for the vision and development of the Agile Talent Management Suite as well as the strategic direction of the company. Eric has also created a culture of laid-back intensity which makes innovation, quality,and hard work surprisingly easy and fun!

Michele Lindsay

Chief Operating Officer

She really likes what she does. Michele is always focused on the design and implementation of strategic HR solutions, including performance management, onboarding, and employee development systems. Her goal? To provide systems and services that help organizations become better.

Tyler Thompson

Chief Technology Officer

Love Agile's systems? Thank Tyler. He's responsible for Agile's system designs and development strategies. An entrepreneur at heart he has built and led first class, cutting edge technology companies for over 15 years.

Melanie Webster

Sales Manager

We're all nice but she's the funnest to talk to. Why? Because her team will help you find the HR software system that's going to rock your HR world and change the way you find, hire, and retain employees. Melanie has spent years in the HR technology industry helping her clients understand how good process and technologies can come together to make HR magic!