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  • 7 Recruiting Productivity Hacks to Improve the Hiring Process

Do you have a good recruiting strategy in place to maximize your efforts and improve results? Recruiting takes a lot of time and energy, but there are a few productivity hacks that you can use to optimize the time that is spent on the hiring process:

1. Ignore Your Inbox

A recruiter’s email inbox is an essential tool for connecting with candidates and new hires. But, if you aren’t careful, then your inbox might rule your entire day. Instead of checking your email throughout the day, schedule 3 blocks of time for email management. This method keeps you focused on other projects, without getting distracted every time one or two emails pop up.

2. Pick Up the Phone

In our digital world, many people get stuck in the rut of assuming that email is the best form of communication. But, sometimes it can be much faster to just pick up the phone and call a person, because you don’t have to spend the time typing out the email and waiting for a response.

3. Manage Social Media the Right Way

Social media is another important tool for recruiting, but many people agree that it can also eat away at the available hours during the day. How often does it happen that you log into a social media account to post an update and end up getting sucked into the news feed and friend updates? Use a tool like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule the updates in advance.

4. Kick Multitasking to the Curb

Don’t be fooled into thinking that multitasking is improving your productivity, because research studies have shown that overall productivity actually decreases with multitasking. If you want to get more work done focus on one project at a time.

5. Use Lippl to Gather LinkedIn Information

If you use LinkedIn for recruiting, then you need to install the Lippl Chrome extension to speed up the process. This extension allows you to quickly copy entire LinkedIn profiles to save the information.

6. Adjust Your Hours

If it makes sense, you might change your work hours a little bit. Some people have a hard time keeping up with everything because of the distractions during the day, and they find that their productivity increases when they work a little earlier in the day before everyone else arrives at the office. Show up an hour or two earlier in the morning, or work a little bit in the evening or on the weekends.

7. Use a Virtual Scheduler

It can take a lot of time to email back and forth to schedule interview times and coordinate the schedule with other team members. Save yourself the hassle by using a virtual scheduler, which allows applicants to choose their interview slots and you can skip the struggle of sending one-off emails.

Do you want to learn about more tools that can be used to improve your recruiting efforts? Contact us to learn about how you can implement the AgileHR software system to improve your recruiting.