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  • 7 Insightful Questions to Measure Company Culture

Company culture is an important aspect that needs to be considered, because the culture of your company will impact many things including retention, job satisfaction, and the overall success of the business. Right now is a great time to take a few minutes to assess the quality of company culture that you are developing, allowing you to look for opportunities to increase employee engagement and improve the overall culture within the office.

Here are a few questions you can ask to determine if you are fostering the right company culture within your business:

1. How Comfortable is the Office?

Basic human needs require water, food, and air, and people need to feel safe from outside threats. Even though your employees aren’t being threatened by harmful situations, it is wise to look at the overall comfort of the environment. Do employees have a supportive chair, easy access to drinking water, and enough desk space to complete their work?

2. Are My Employees Healthy?

You can’t control the health decisions that your employees are making, but you can facilitate healthy decisions to make it easier for them to live a healthy lifestyle. Employee wellness plays a role in overall success and satisfaction at work… healthier employees are happier employees. Build an on-site gym, offer rebates at local fitness centers, have fitness classes available during break time, or provide healthy snacks to keep people fueled.

3. Are Communication Channels Working?

Communication provides a strong foundation for the culture of your company, and you will find that culture starts to degrade when communication channels break down. Keep those channels of communication open, including two-way conversation from both management and employees.

4. Do Employees Receive Proper Recognition?

Employee recognition programs are a critical part of a healthy company culture. Look for ways to offer recognition to employees in all job capacities, and make sure that your employee recognition program is in alignment with the values you are trying to develop within your company.

5. Is Growth Limited within Your Company?

Many employees are interested in learning and expanding their skill set to move up the corporate ladder, but they aren’t given the tools necessary to grow. If employees feel stifled or limited in their job capacity, then they are more likely going to have feelings of dissatisfaction and low engagement with other people. Create opportunities for growth and innovation, and you will improve the culture and boost retention.

6. Are Team Relationships Being Fostered?

People are happier when they have friends at work, so it is important to provide situations where employees can develop friendships with other people. Relationships contribute to the overall quality of life, and you can encourage the friendships through company lunches and activities.

7. How effective is the Employee Management System?

Tracking goals and progress is a critical aspect of boosting company culture. Make sure that you have a good system in place to keep track of employees and their progress throughout the years. Contact us at AgileHR for more information about how you can easily integrate these systems into your workplace.