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  • 7 Great Habits for a Successful HR Manager

What are the most important aspects to being a Human Resources Manager? Is it the bubbly personality? Your ability to conquer each and every task you’ve been given? We think that the following 7 items are a great set of habits for any HR Manager.



1. Thank Your Critics


Oftentimes your critics will become disarmed when you thank them for their input; it catches them off guard and they give up the fight. It also creates an environment in which people feel like they really can ask questions and give opinions, even if they disagree. You are also able to better keep your stance as a leader when you stand firm and thank your critics rather than stoop to their level and argue mindlessly for the next twenty minutes.



2. Embrace Fear


Ask the question, how can you take down this fear and defeat it? That way you never have to be concerned about, well….anything. Realize that failure is not the end of the world; you learn something when you fail don’t you? So take on all your fears and discover the greatness that can come from embracing them.


3. Listen and Restate



Listen to your employees. Sometimes it is easy to disregard a problem someone comes to you with because you have heard the same issue over and over again. But each individual is different and will deal with a problem or feel differently about a problem and it is your job to help them solve it. So listen intently and then restate what they have said to you; by doing this you teach yourself to listen closer; plus, it reassures the employee talking to you that you understand their issue.



4. Be a Bottom Feeder


Do the jobs no one else is willing to take on. Take on the problems, the issues, and make yourself stronger by learning how to fix them. By being willing to grab the tasks nobody else wants to do you’ll show your importance to the company and teach others through example that when you embrace fear you can accomplish even the hardest of tasks.



5. Promote from Within

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If you want to hold on to your employees, you have to show them that you care enough about them, and about their jobs at the company. If people are unhappy with their situations, be it a harsh boss, a boring job, an inadequate attitude, etc., they will likely walk away from the company within the year. But if you as an HR manager can promote them, their work, make them feel special, and reach their potential they will feel much more committed to the company and want to stay longer.



6. Be Honest and Admit When You Screw Up


Everyone has weaknesses and no matter how hard you try to suppress them they will pop up every now and then. The important thing to do in a situation like that is to admit your mistakes and ask others how you can become better.



7. Don’t Overcomplicate It

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Take everyday tasks as exactly that, individual tasks that can be easily fulfilled and accomplished. Nothing should be portrayed in a way that makes it seem too difficult. Present things to your employees in the simplest way to help them realize that nothing has to be too difficult.