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  • 5 Steps to Implement Agile Performance Management for Your Company

Does your company support an environment that provides effective development and feedback for employees? If team members are stagnating in their jobs, then you likely have turnover problems that you don’t know how to fix. Agile Performance Management might be the right solution.

What is Agile Performance Management?

Traditionally, performance management was focused on individual skill assessments and slow, ineffective systems. Management understood the need to implement feedback systems, but they didn’t know the right way to create the best system. A once-a-year performance review just wasn’t cutting it.

Enter Agile Performance Management. In recent years, technology has transformed the business world and made it possible to use a faster, collaborative, social method to provide supportive feedback and boost the overall results of the team. This process has overhauled performance management to match the fast-paced workplace where most people thrive.

Implement Agile Methods for Your Company

If you feel like your performance review system is failing, then right now is the perfect opportunity to make some changes. Here are a few steps to follow if you are ready to get started with Agile Performance Management:

      • 1. Set the Tone with Your Team: Management needs to be trained on the new methods that will be implemented. Provide training that supports developed relationships between managers and their employees. Initial training is necessary to get started, followed by ongoing support and check-ins with the front-line management.


      • 2. Create a Stronger Team Mindset: The goal is to help employees see how their skills and performance impact the results of the team. Provide the vision to encourage collaboration and help everyone see the organization structure. Social recognition can be used to crowdsource feedback and increase acknowledgment for performance.


      • 3. Dynamic Goal Setting: Instead of dictating goals for all employees, give individuals the opportunity provide input for their career focus. Frequently review these goals and evaluate success. Don’t be afraid to make changes along the way as necessary.


      • 4. Provide Development Opportunities: Employees will be more engaged if they can see how these new skills will contribute to future career skills and development. Have ongoing discussions regarding career development so that individuals will have the motivation to reach higher levels of success in the company.


    • 5. Choose the Right Tools: Your new system will fail without a dynamic software system. Invest in a proven program that will get your company started on the right foot.

Setting up the right onboarding and performance management software is the foundation for creating an agile work environment. If you need help with your company, then we invite you to talk to our team here at AgileHR. We have the tools that you need to streamline your changes and optimize future results.