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  • 5 Reasons You are Losing Great Employees

It is a frustrating situation to see good employees leaving your company, especially when you feel like you are unable to fill the positions quickly enough to keep up with work flow. Have you been losing good employees, and you can’t identify a reason for the turnover? Here are five common reasons why you might be losing your top talent:

1. Career Opportunities

Are you providing growth and development opportunities to your employees? If an employee feels like they are stagnating in their job, then they will often look for other opportunities with a different company. Have an open conversation about the employee’s career goals and steps that you can take to help them move up in the company. When they see potential with their current job, then they will be less likely to look elsewhere.

2. Poor Management

One of the most common reasons people leave a company is because they aren’t happy with their manager. Having a poor relationship with their boss can make it hard for an employee to find the motivation to go to work each day. So, you need to focus on the development of your management team, which will have a trickle-down effect to increase retention for entry level positions as well.

3. Lack of Feedback

A good employee management system provides the feedback and information that employees need to improve their skill set throughout the year. Unfortunately, many companies fail to integrate an employee management system, leaving their employees to wander aimlessly throughout the year. Implement an effective computer system to track employee goals, behavior, and performance, which will improve employee satisfaction and decrease turnover at the same time.

4. Work-Life Balance

When employees don’t have a good work-life balance, it can sometimes rub off on the quality of their work. Situations where work is taking away from home activities might cause the employee to look for other opportunities that are more flexible. Give your employees a little latitude to be flexible with their schedule, and make sure they know that your goal is to create a good work-life balance.

5. Negative Environment

If the atmosphere is constantly negative and degrading, then it can be very dangerous on the morale of your employees. Stress levels go up and employee satisfaction goes down, and negativity can cause an employee to look for work elsewhere. Actively manage the attitude of your team, to avoid having top-performing employees pulled down by the negative attitude of other people in the office.

Do you need help with retention? Implementing the right employee management system is one of the best ways that you can reduce turnover and keep your employees happy. Contact us at AgileHR for more information about our employee management solutions.