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  • 3 Recruitment Tips to Hire 2015 College Graduates

If you are looking for a way to expand your candidate pool, then you might consider the benefits of recruiting college graduates. Some companies only focus their recruiting efforts on seasoned employees, but this strategy limits a lot of new graduates who have much to offer. The demand for college graduates is increasing, because businesses are starting to understand that they can get high quality talent and pay an entry-level salary.

Here are a few tips to help you overcome the challenge of recruiting new college graduates:

1. Provide On-the-Job Training

Even if a new graduate doesn’t have the exact skill set you are looking for, you can build their skills by offering training. This work experience is invaluable to shape them to develop the skills that you desire. If you can’t find a candidate with the exact skill set that you need, remember that you can also develop the person after they have been hired.

Additionally, new graduates are often interested in on-the-job training, because they recognize that it is a good opportunity to develop their career. The right job can be a launching pad to help them grow in the industry.

2. Look for On-Campus Opportunities

One of the best ways to connect with college graduates is by talking with them in the location where they are spending the most time: on campus. If a student is nearing their graduation date, they are likely busy with final projects and tests, which means they might not be spending much time on job hunting. Instead of waiting for the new graduates to come to you, it is more effective to go to them!

Talk with local universities and colleges to find out if job fairs are available. Many of the schools offer career websites for job postings, as well as social media posting and other opportunities.

3. Offer High Quality Benefits

When a new graduate is looking for a job, benefits are often a high priority. Young job seekers are looking for independence, because they are ready to break away from depending on their parents. The right benefits can entice good talent to your company.

Make sure that you highlight the full compensation package, including salary, health insurance, paid time off, on the job training, and any other perks the employee will enjoy.

New graduates are spending their time online looking for work, which is why you need to make sure that you are getting your job postings in the right location. Here at AgileHR, we have software solutions to help you streamline the job posting process and improve recruiting and onboarding systems. Contact us for more information!