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  • 3 Advantages of Paperless Recruiting

Is your recruiting filing cabinet overfilled with applications, resumes, and stacks of old paperwork? In a corporate setting, it is hard to break free from old molds and systems that have been used for so many years, and it is shocking to see how many companies are still relying on a printer and stacks of paper for their hiring process.

Right now is the perfect time to streamline your recruiting system, and save a few trees at the same time! Here are a few reasons why you should implement a paperless recruiting system in your office:

1. Efficiency in Recruiting

Old systems are not efficient, especially if you are constantly wading through piles of paperwork to find the information that you need. Digital platforms have made it possible to quickly sort through the applications, identify the candidates that are a good match for the job, and streamline the entire system from start to finish.

You will save time, especially because you don’t have to physically thumb through every paper that is placed on your desk. Additionally, you can dial in the perfect candidate without spending the hours of precious time that is needed to read through each resume that you receive. By using the right computer screening tools, you can quickly narrow down the options to speed up the hiring process.

2. Save the Cash

Many companies agree that recruiting costs are some of the highest expenses, especially for businesses with a high turnover rate. The cost of recruiting involves hiring, onboard, training and retention, and it is possible to minimize these costs if you hire the right people.

By implementing the right computer system, it becomes easier to minimize the human error of manually reviewing the paperwork. Paperless recruiting allows you to reach a broader audience, and the electronic files are sorted and organized automatically so that you have the top-picks from the candidates that are available. When you refine the hiring process, it reduces turnover and saves the company money.

At the same time, a lot of money can be saved in paper, printing, and storage costs. Additionally, money is saved because the recruiting team can spend their time on other productive tasks since they don’t have to spend the tedious hours that are required to manually review each application that is received.

3. Tracking and Reporting

Have you already contacted a specific applicant about scheduling an interview? Are you trying to remember where a specific job listing was posted? A digital recruiting system makes it easy for you to keep track of these details, because you can quickly look up the information that is needed. Many people also find it very beneficial to have built-in reporting features, so that information can be generated with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Are you ready to simplify your recruiting system and free up your time? Contact us to learn about the best applicant tracking software on the market!