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  • 2014 Hiring Trends: How to Use Current Trends to Evaluate Candidates

It can be easy to get “stuck in a rut” with the hiring process, and if you want to hire qualified employees for your company, then it is necessary to be familiar with the hiring trends in 2014. Too often, hiring managers get stuck in their ways, which can be detrimental because there are many new strategies which can help you to hone in on the candidates that are perfect for the position that you are filling.

As technology advances, hiring processes are changing as well. Making a few changes to your hiring systems can result in massive improvements for the business. Here are a few trends to watch for this year:

Proactive Candidate Selection

Instead of simply filling empty seats with warm bodies, businesses are beginning to see how much talented employees can add to the bottom line. The problem with old systems is that many hiring managers don’t understand the exact business need for the job posting and exactly how that position will impact the company, so they are unable to choose the correct candidate. Using a sophisticated applicant tracking system enables hiring managers to clearly understand the business need that each candidate will fill, allowing the hiring decision to be more accurate.

As a result, a hiring manager can be more proactive with their recruiting, because they understand the exact type of candidate that they are looking for. It’s predicted that top-level employees won’t be looking for jobs in 2014 because they are already gainfully employed. But, the talent can still be acquired if a recruiter knows who they are looking for, and has the opportunity to show potential candidates why a job change could be beneficial for their career progression.Talent

Intuitive Software Implementation

Pen and paper are archaic tools in modern-day recruiting. Technology has made it possible to filter candidates based on web-based job assessments, and manage the candidate pool from your computer. It can be exhausting to sift through a stack of printed resumes, and a candidate management program can make it much easier for you to sort through the information in order to identify the candidates who are a good match.

Web and Mobile Job Searching

In recent years, most job searching has occurred online, which means that your company needs a fully integrated career portal to connect with the employees that you want to hire. When jobs are available, they need to be shared across the internet, in places such as Facebook, Twitter, and online job boards. Taking the initiative to share job opportunities through these platforms will make it easier to connect with top level talent on the internet through their mobile devices. More and more candidates are using their cell phone or tablet for their job search, which means that you need to position your job posting strategically.

Using an intuitive job management and applicant tracking system can simplify the process, making it easier to manage multiple job postings and many applicants at the same time.